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Lower back pain...

I first came in the Marbella Chiropractic office suffering from lower back pain. It was so bad I was in constant agony and taking strong pain killers to get through the day. I responded very well to the treatments and after the first visit, I felt much better than I had for a long time. By the third visit, I was off the pain killers completely! Since receiving Chiropractic treatment, I now walk taller and straighter than before, I can sit up straight too, my weight has dropped, my glucose level is down and my blood pressure has dropped! D.S.

Bad Colic...

My baby daughter of 1 month old was suffering with bad colic as babies do and had bad constipation. After the first adjustment I noticed her sleeping got better and less colic. Also her digestive system seemed to regulate better. Now she is like a different baby. You can’t believe how much this has changed our whole family’s life. M.B.

Back pain and sciatica...

I had been suffering with back pain and sciatica for the past 16 years and my situation just kept worsening. I started receiving chiropractic care at Marbella Chiropractic. My improvements were gradual at first but now I have improved to the point where I am no longer using my sticks to walk. Now I walk without assistance, but am still wary tripping over uneven pavements and curbs. Even my GP Dr. V has mentioned how well I was walking and how my posture had improved and the funny thing was that she didn’t even know that I was receiving regular Chiropractic adjustments. Without a doubt I recommend Chiropractic to my friends and family. L.H.

I now get a good night’s sleep

I'd suffered with severe pain for a long time, it must have been at least 20 years if not more! This pain even made it difficult for me to breathe. My pilates teacher suggested that I should visit Marbella Chiropractic. I had always looked after myself and physiotherapy had worked for me in the beginning but I was at a point where my health was really starting to deteriorate. After a few adjustments I noticed I was more flexible. I now get a good night’s sleep, therefore more energy and my mood has improved and I generally feel more relaxed! E.E.

Very bad dizziness...

I had been suffering with very bad dizziness for the past 10 years or more, making me prone to a lot of bad falls, I have even gone unconscious on occasions. I decided to go and visit the same Chiropractor that my good friend was seeing regularly. In the first few weeks there were only little change, but I stuck with it and my changes have been drastic! My dizziness has gone and I am no longer having falls. I feel well, both in my mind and body. G.T.

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