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leyla chiroDr Leyla Carrión

Dr Leyla was born and raised in Lima, Peru. This is where she first qualified in Accountancy. But this was not her passion.

In 1994, she moved to the UK where she had the chance of meeting a dedicated family of Chiropractors that changed her life. Their passion for natural health and Chiropractic philosophy inspired her to take up Chiropractic as her career.

In 2003 Dr Leyla graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in the USA. Since then, she has helped people improve their quality of life in Gibraltar, La Linea de la Concepción and Sotogrande and has now joined the team of MCC to continue helping patients achieve their health and wellness goals that they set for themselves.

Leyla and her family enjoy different outdoor activities like skiing, cross fit, biking, surfing among others. Her main goal is the restoration of optimal health though correction of spinal misalignment that are robbing you of your energy and vitality.